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About Grants

Since 1995, The Catholic foundation has been utilizing a competitive grant process to distribute a percentage of funds from unrestricted and field of interest endowments.

Typically, we turn down an average of 25% of the grant proposals we receive, because there are always more requests for money than we have in our grant pool. We want to remedy this issue by building up our grant pool, so our Grant Committee will no longer have to turn down proposals for much needed programs and organizations in our communities.

If you would like to help us grow our grant pool by making a donation to an existing endowment or starting your own endowment, please contact us at 505-872-2901 or visit our Create an Endowment page for more information.

Past Grant Recipients & How to Apply

2023 Catholic Foundation Grants

In 2023, we received 8 large grant proposals totaling $200,000 and 80 small proposals totaling $515,126. Following are the 60 large and small grants funded totaling $501,600 for the 2023 grant cycle. Grants are awarded within the following categories:

Faith Formation

Supports the extension of the Gospel message through our parishes, schools and organizations in a manner that is accessible to both adults and children.  Such teachings should apply to the life experiences of community members, facilitating their formation of a Christian conscience and helping them to live as faithful disciples of Jesus.

Capital Improvement

Assists in the addition of any permanent structural change or the restoration of some aspect of property that will increase its serviceability and provide a safer environment for a parish, school or organization.

Historic Preservation

Assists communities within the Archdiocese of Santa Fe with the maintenance, protection and preservation of church and mission buildings.

Catholic Education

Any Catholic school that is within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe can apply for a grant.  The Catholic Schools System aims to provide a healthy learning environment, modern technology and an up-to-date curriculum that will meet the needs of today’s students.

Human Services

Works with communities and organizations throughout the Archdiocese of Santa Fe with meeting the basic needs of those who are struggling with poverty, poor health and aging community members.