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By including The Catholic Foundation in their wills or trusts and informing us that they have done so, donors become members of the Legacy League during their lifetimes. The Foundation wishes to acknowledge the thoughtfulness and generosity of the donors and the diocesan priests who have included The Catholic Foundation in their estate plans.

To become a member of the Legacy League or to get additional information on estate planning, please call (505) 872-2901.


Deacon James Q. A. Baca

Gerald and Debra Bischoff

Bernard and Jeanne Brummell

Richard† and Leslie Carpenter

Michael and Linley Daly

Dorothy J. Daniels

Kevin and Mary Dunn

Cecilia M. Flood

Ernestine T. Farrar†

Phil and Anita Garcia

Margaret S. Garcia†

Harry and Joan Gogan†

Carol A. Heppenstall

Tony and Marie Hillerman†

Roland and Elizabeth Jalbert†

Frances A. Keeler

Mark and Joanna Leonard

Franklyn Macaron

Shirley J. Macaron

Rosalie Q. Martinez†

Mary McDonald†

Mildred Miller

Hazel B. Morgan†

Joseph G.† and Antonia Muhlberger

Edward and Julia O’Leary

Concha Ortiz y Pino de Kleven†

Virginia M. Reva†

Marta A. Santiago

Caroline Schmidt†

Margaret Schmidt†

Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan

Charles C. Shirk III†

Charles Thomas

Denise M. Tierney

Mary M. Tomich†

J. Brian and Donna Trambley

Raymond and Cenia Wenzler†

Benita C. Zimmer

Raymond and Barbara Zimmer

1610 Legacy Society

Gregory and Mary Ann Edwards

John and Loretta Funk

Alice M. Giovinco

Carol A. Heppenstall

James and Rita Koerber

Emil and Cecilia Matic

Fenton Moore

Very Rev. Adam Lee Ortega y Ortiz

Jerry and Hermine Quintana

Jean G. Rodriguez

Joan-Ann Ryan-Murphy

Gilbert Velarde†

Vincent J. and Wanda Vint

Raymond and Corinne Willison

Denotes deceased Members