Catholic Award for Teachers

Established in 1998 with an anonymous gift to The Catholic Foundation, the Catholic Award for Teachers recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding teachers in our Catholic schools. Each year, three to five teachers are selected to receive awards of $1,000 each in appreciation for their teaching excellence. In addition, the schools they represent each receive $100 for their school endowment. The list below reflects the awardees for the past four years.

Award Winners

NameYear HonoredSchool
Wheeldon, Pamela2016St. Charles Borromeo
Shropshire, Cynthia2016Our Lady of the Annunciation
Rivera, Holly2016Holy Ghost School
Sanchez, Heather2016St. Mary's School - Belen
Chavez, Melanie2016St. Mary's School - Belen
DeHaas, Paula2015Our Lady of Fatima
Walden, Abigail2015St. Thomas Aquinas School
Pecos, Patricia2015Our Lady of Assumption
Albonico, Nic2015Our Lady of the Annunciation
Valdez, Theodora2015Holy Cross Catholic School
Padilla, Angela2015St. Mary's School - Belen
Romero, Carla D.2014St. Mary's School - Albuquerque
Martinez, Anna Maria2014St. Mary's School - Albuquerque
Jenkins, Fred2014Holy Ghost School
Martinez, Margarita2014St. Therese Catholic School
Sanchez, Dorothy (Susie)2013St. Pius X High School
Holland, Mary Ann2013Holy Ghost School
Baca, Charlene2013St. Mary's School - Belen
Ruiz, Colleen M.2013Our Lady of the Annunciation