Donor Advised Funds

Canones Early Childhood Center

If you would like to start a fund, but have several different charities you like to give to each year, then a Donor Advised Fund is a great choice. A Donor Advised fund allows you philanthropic flexibility when it comes to your annual giving, and there are tax advantages to the donor. The benefits of this type of fund make it a popular alternative to establishing a private foundation fund.

Donor Advised Fund Benefits

  • Receive an immediate tax deduction at the maximum the IRS will allow.
  • Name your fund and choose your advisors and successors
  • The fund will be invested and grow tax free
  • Direct the distribution of income from the fund each year to the charities of your choice.
  • Add to your fund at anytime

If you are interested in starting a Donor Advised Fund, please call the Foundation at 505-872-2901.