Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is to take the long-view on investing the assets entrusted to us by setting specific investment policies. We expect the endowments established at The Catholic Foundation (TCF) to be here in-perpetuity. We focus on maximizing total financial returns over the long term, taking into account an appropriate amount of risk and investing according to the Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Investment Committee

Our investment philosophy is implemented by our Investment Committee, they guide asset allocation and diversification, risk management, manager selection, and ethically responsible investing. Their strategy is supported by the The Catholic Foundation Financial Officer, and our investment consultant, AndCo Consulting.

Investment Consultant

AndCo Consulting is an independent consulting firm that delivers comprehensive services for endowments and foundations. AndCo Consulting does not receive fees from any investment management funds or managers. They provide recommendations tailored to the specific investment policies of TCF, to ensure appropriate diversification and risk controls, and to meet the goals of The Catholic Foundation.

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