Giving in perpetuity

Create an Endowment

An endowment is a permanent fund that holds its principal in perpetuity and is invested for the benefit of a particular purpose. By leaving property or money in an endowment, you create a source of income for the beneficiary of your choice that will grow and carry on your legacy of giving for generations to come. Any individual or institution can establish an endowment fund with The Catholic Foundation. If you have a special reason or purpose for starting an endowment, a fund can be tailored to fit your own personal charitable interests. Another option is to leave your gift to an existing endowment that matches your purpose and intention.

Benefits of Creating an Endowment

  • Avoid capital gains taxes on long-term, highly appreciated assets
  • Designate to the charitable organization of your choice,
  • or leave your contribution unrestricted to serve the greatest need
  • The Foundation manages the fund and distributes income
  • Ability to fund at death with an estate gift or designation in a will
  • Invested in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops guidelines for socially Responsible Investments

Donate to an Existing Endowment

You can browse and filter to select an endowment to support with your donation.

Different Endowment Types

If you have a special reason or purpose for starting an endowment a fund can be tailored to fit your personal charitable interests. For more information, contact us.

Designated Funds


The designated endowments are created by donors wishing to support a particular organization, parish, school or ministry within the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. These funds can also be created to honor or memorialize a loved one. Income from these funds is paid directly to the institutions named by the donors.

Donor-Advised Funds


This type of endowment allows the donor to direct distributions from the entire fund to the charities of their choice, at anytime. Because there are tax advantages to the donor and the administrative costs are lower, donor advised funds are a sound alternative to establishing a private foundation fund.

Field of Interest Funds

These endowments are established by donors wishing to support a specific cause within the scope of the Foundation’s mission. Income from these funds is distributed through the Foundation’s grant program, to organizations or programs serving an area of special interest to the donors. Examples of these funds are education, health and human services, clergy/religious, and historic preservation.

Unrestricted Funds


These endowments are established by donors who wish to support the Foundation’s grant program and whose charitable gifts are not restricted to a particular purpose. These funds allow the Foundation optimum flexibility in responding to grant requests, as we strive to meet the critical needs of the Archdiocese.