Our Program Manager, Michele Benavidez has a Message of Thanks

Dec 4, 2020

Our work is always changing as we look for new ways to “move hearts and touch lives”.  This year has seen more changes than I could have imagined and with it, I wanted to find ways to stay connected and keep the outreach work flowing. We have such a vast group of community throughout the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and there is such a great need for many.  

Much of this work could not have been done without the support of our Trustees. I receive many emails, phone calls and instant messages on Facebook that all have one thing in common, they are Thankful!  

Thank you all for the continued support and the work you do as Trustees to keep The Catholic Foundation alive. I wanted to share with you one of those quick notes from a grantee, April Gallegos from the St. Vincent de Paul at St. Francis Xavier, Albuquerque. We received this note after our last Thankview email was released from St. Felix Pantry. Always a good reminder, it is the little things…. 

“Thank you for sharing this. I must agree with Rachel when saying how honored they are over there at St Felix Pantry. We all have seen a great need since the Coronavirus Pandemic hit and without The Catholic Foundation and the generosity of the funders, this would not be an easy task. Thank you Michele for your support and to the rest of Catholic Foundation Family, We are very humbled and thankful for all that you do!!! 
May The Lord Bless You!!

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